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Nano Creations is a research and development company specialising in rapid prototyping products for manufacture. We develop innovative new designs and use our 3D printers and other manufacturing equipment to test our designs before launching to market. The main areas we specialise in are boating and camping industries. 

Aside from developing our own innovative products, we work with businesses wanting design, prototyping and manufacturing work done for them. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about 3D printing

3D printing refers to the tech used to create real 3D objects  from digital 3D files. The objects are typically created layer by layer using a 3D printer. There are two main types of 3D printers, FDM and resin printers. We have both and choose which printer to use depending on the requirements of the project.

Fused deposition modeling (FDM) printers use spools of material called filament. Filament can be made from a range of plastics like PLA.  Resin-based printers typically use liquid resins, like photopolymer resin for UV curing.

FDM printing is used far and wide in modelling and for producing large objects.  If you want production quality or you are looking to print small models with a high level of detail, then we would suggest a resin print material. 

We use a combination of the following products: PLA, PETG and ASA. If you want to use a specialist filament please always contact our team to find out what we can do for you. Our cheapest filament for customers is the PLA option which is great for general models or parts which don’t get put under stress and not exposed to UV Light for long periods of time. The more expensive options such as ASA allow our customers to have more reliability of the component over time and when we are printing large scale parts this is the filament of choice for our Modix printer. ASA 3D prints are more durable, tougher and suitable for a wide range of applications. The glass transition temperature is also higher compared to PLA and PETG, which gives your printed components from ASA filament an excellent temperature resistance – there are no signs of deformation up to temperatures near 93 °C.


3D printing can take as little as a few minutes to many hours or days. The amount of time it takes depends on the size of the object you want to print, what kind of printer you choose, the type of printing material, slicer settings, and settings for the print job.

You can print almost anything that you can create a 3D design of with a 3D printer. 3D printers are useful for a huge range of applications—from functional prints to artistic creations. If you use the right filament, you can even print food-safe items. Some simple models that we have printed are in the gallery below. 

3D printable models can be designed with almost any 3D design software. As long as you can export the design to a STL, STEP,  or OBJ file, we can convert it for printing.


Small files can be zipped and attached to an email and sent to Large files can be sent using a Google Drive, Dropbox or other cloud based file sharing platform. 

We have different printers for different jobs. Our Modix 120x is a printer which has a print area of 1200mm wide, 600mm deep and 600mm tall. This means we can print large items which can fit on this print bed. Then we have our Creality Machines which will allow us for a 450mm by 450mm by 450mm area.

We are a small team, flexible and agile and able to work with innovative entrepreneurs at practically any stage of their product development journey.  We can support the product development process right from designing, prototyping and testing your product.  Just book an obligation free consultation to discuss your needs and we will find a solution to match your budget and requirements. Book by emailing or call us on 07 3387 3488.

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Peter Thompson was brought up in a family manufacturing business manufacturing innovative products.


Watching his father sketch up products and parts from a young age and always asking why this latest design would be better, Peter developed an innovative mindset that anything is possible.

After working in nearly every aspect of the family business including labouring on the shop floor, Peter’s entrepreneurial spirit had him go on a journey that lead to him owning one of the first Telco businesses in Australia using optic fibre to deploy broadband, telephone and television services in communities.

Now Peter is back doing something he truly loves, designing. He uses this wealth of experience to not only create innovative products internally to take to market, he can help other innovative entrepreneurs turn their vision into reality. Peter can support your business with rapid prototyping, designing and mentoring through another of his companies, Entire Bookkeepers of which he is a co-founder. 

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